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William James Jones has been called to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints in the New York Rochester Mission from November 2012 to November 2014.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Transfers!  Still in Fairport

25 March 2013

Things have gone pretty well although nothing too major has happened. On last Wednesday President Christianson did a training meeting for all of us in Palmyra North and Palmyra South zones which was pretty awesome. Also I was able to go to the Palmyra temple on Saturday which was really really awesome. For those who don't know, the Palmyra temple is right next to the Sacred Grove and there actually is an open window in the temple that is directly open to the Sacred Grove so its a really neat temple.

Palmyra Temple

The Sacred Grove

Transfer calls were last night and I'm staying another transfer in Fairport with Elder Erekson again which should be fun. We met with a guy called Brandon who we met while tracting and he seems pretty legit. We taught him the restoration and he seemed pretty receptive to it which was pretty awesome. He even said that he and his son had read from the BoM together which is an amazing step. He said he would pray to know if the Book of Mormon was true as well and he seemed pretty excited about coming to church so hopefully things go well with him. Apart from that we met with the same less actives again and nothing too major else happened. This upcoming week we have a lot of appointments with people that we found while tracting so hopefully those will go through successfully. 
Spiritual thought

I John is a tiny little book in the New Testament that I never even really heard of before I came out on my mission but its pretty awesome and has a lot of doctrine that we as LDS believe.

18 March 2013
This week went pretty good. We did three exchanges this week so for two whole days I wasn't with my regular companion Elder Erekson. He's really a great missionary.  He's definitely a lot more quiet and laid back then my first companion Elder Allen.  He's also super tall too like 6 foot four inches. He's from South Jordan Utah which I have no idea where that is.  He's been out for about 9 and half months now which is a pretty good amount of time so he's pretty well seasoned.  Me and him get along pretty well. But as for this week nothing too major happened.  We met with this one potential investigator called Mike who the first time we met while tracting we gave him a Book of Mormon and talked about the Book of Mormon with him.   On Saturday (while we had AP Harris who was with us because Elder Erekson is Zone leader) we went and saw him and taught him about the restoration which went really well I think.   He asked some questions at the end which is really good as it showed that he was legitimately interested in what we had to say.   He also liked the idea that we had modern day prophets.  Apart from that we just met with our regular less active people again brother Tran (the Vietnamese guy), Dean Mcqueen and his mom and Andrew Mohney and his family (a less active 17 year old that has some sort of learning disability).  We were hoping that Dean and his mother Tracey would make it out to church this week but for some reason they didn't show which is really annoying. Andrew and his family did come to church last week though which was really good although they weren't there yesterday.   Andrew's family seems to just come every now and then kind of deal. Also yesterday we went on splits with some of the youth in the ward who plan to go on missions and showed them a little taste of what being a missionary was like which was pretty good.
The mission found out who the new mission president is going to be.  His name is President Francis.   All I know about him is that he's from California and that he has a big family and that some of his kids are still in high school.   So I imagine it must be hard to be called to serve out here especially if his family has to move as well.  

Brother Tran from Vietnam

Elder Jones and Elder Erekson (aka "Mutt and Jeff")

11 March 2013
This week went okay.  Being companions with the zone leader is difficult as it means that we have to do a lot of exchanges with people which makes things even harder when our investigators have really complicated schedules of their own.  We finally were able to meet with some former investigators this week and were also able to set up some follow up appointments with them which really good.  An investigator back when I was in Freedom just got baptized last Saturday which is really good especially when I was talking to her on facebook just a week before when she said she was for sure not getting baptized.  These past few days in New York have been really nice weather wise.  It got for the first time since I've been here up to 50 degrees which was really nice.  Something really sad happened this past week.  This older guy in the ward who we were actually going to have a dinner appointment with last Tuesday had a stroke last Monday and died so we were busy helping out with the funeral.  I never was able to meet the guy but from what I heard from him he sounded like a really awesome guy.  This Sunday we are going to be going on splits with the youth in the ward that are taking the missionary prep class which should be pretty fun.  We are also meeting tonight with this lady that had a baptismal date in the past and has said that she wants to be baptized.  We just hope that she's actually there this evening. 

No miles -- loads of walking

4 March 2013

This past week has gone pretty well. We've done so much walking I know I'm gonna be completely fit and healthy by the time my mission ends if I keep this up for much longer.

This past week our car ran out of miles so we had to do loads of walking and we did tons of tracting as well and my feet are so sore. Plus tracting isn't the most fun when it’s snowing and 20 degrees outside. But it's been alot of fun. Most people are pretty nice to us although most people clearly state that they are not interested. We did get a few new investigators out of it though and hopefully this week we will be able to meet with them. The problem I've noticed with this area is that most people here aren't home during the day so actually getting to meet with them is really difficult. And the times that people are usually home is during dinner time and people get irritated at us when we bother them during dinner.  I went on an exchange this week and went tracting in this really really rich area where these homes were ridiculously big.  Apart from meeting with the same less actives that I talked about last time nothing else too big happened since last time.  

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