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William James Jones has been called to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints in the New York Rochester Mission from November 2012 to November 2014.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Investigators progessing - Really busy - Awesome!

16 September 2013

A brand new week to a brand new transfer :D  This week has been pretty great although pretty weird weather wise ( it was 90 degrees last Wednesday for a high and then dropped to 50 degrees for a high on Friday).  Unfortunately it seems that winter is coming quickly and there's supposed to be loads and loads of snow this year.  

I guess I'll start by saying that we got a few people progressing this week which is awesome.  First time since the beginning of my mission I've had that really happen.  Yes Fairport was a really hard area.  I get shivers every time I think about the six hour tracting days at 20 degrees outside.  But now I've become a master tracter from doing that.  But that's behind me and now I have Spencerport.   We got  4 of our investigators progressing and I'm hoping to set some baptismal dates with them real soon starting possibly this evening.   Speaking of the person that we're seeing this evening.   Last week  we got a call from the mission office to go help this new family move in.  Well  they are pretty legit.  Their names are Heather and Andrew and they moved in from Indianapolis.  They are moving into Heather's grandpa's home and are living with him until he moves to Cape Cod in the next couple of months.  But check this out.  That Grandpa (who's name is Ralph) was someone that me and Elder Kelly had tracted into the third day last transfer I was here in Spencerport.  We had actually talked to him for like an hour.  It was mostly him doing the talking.   We had left our card behind and told him to give us a call if he ever needed any help with anything.  So when we went there we were like we've already been here before and it was pretty neat to have that connection there.  So yeah Andrew has family members that are LDS and Heather went to church dances and stuff when she was younger so they're kind of familiar with the faith in that they know we aren't weird and stuff but they don't really know very much about the doctrine.  Heather requested actually a Book of Mormon since she never had one and we set up a time when we could come back and talk a little more about it which is tonight :D  So please pray for us that it will go well.   Also it just seems like we have terrible timing with Billy in coming to church.  He has custody of his three girls every alternating weekend so he wants to spend time with them on those weekends which is pretty understandable.   But the times that he can come to church are the funky days of Stake Conference and he was going to make it yesterday but he overslept. Investigators take some time to come to church most of the time.  The good thing was though is that he did text us later and apologized.  Also we met with this one lady again  called Karen.  We tracted into her in a town called Churchville ( a really great little country town if I do say so myself) and she said we could come back.  We just struggle getting down to Churchville because of miles and stuff and catching her home.  But we caught her home and did some yard work with her and talked for a little bit.  She knows this one member called Brother Mcknees (who by the way we helped tear up his driveway and are going to go back to pour concrete in it.  So yeah Dad I can help make a concrete driveway for you when I get back) who we plan on taking with us to go and invite her to come to church and teach the Restoration with us.   Also this other less active family that the ward has been begging us to go and see we set up an appointment to go and help with some yard work tomorrow.   We also managed to make contact with some of our people we found tracting and taught them the Restoration and hopefully will go back and see again.  This probably doesn't make too much sense but pretty much in a nut shell we will be really really busy this next week and have a lot of work to do and am hoping for some more miracles.

Spiritual message

This talk is really good.

“We should endeavor to discern when we ‘withdraw [ourselves] from the ‘Spirit of the Lord’ . . . [and} attend to and learn from the choices and influences that separate us from the Holy Spirit.”
Elder David A. Bednar
April 2006 General Conference

20 years old today - Out 10 months

9 September 2013

Today I turned twenty which is pretty exciting.  I can't believe that I'm that old already.  It will be interesting to see what happens today and how my birthday will go.  We don't have any dinner appointments tonight but I'm sure that today will still go awesome.  There was this one family in Victor back in the Fairport Ward that said that they would drive on out to make me a dinner if I didn't have one but I don't want them to drive on out.  I would feel really bad as they have three little kids.  But yeah it's good to know that someone would make a dinner for me if I asked them which I won't ha ha.    But who knows what will happen.  Just as I was writing this someone called us up and asked if we could help them move and we will do that this evening.  Spencerport is always a really busy area which is good.  I like busy areas.  This transfer we did a lot of finding.  Now we just need to get the people we found progressing or have them drop us.   The hardest thing to do in New York is to find people.  The second hardest thing is to meet with those people that you found a second time.    But we got some good potential in this area and I really think that there will be some really good progress this transfer.  Me and Elder Kelly are going to put in the effort.   Anyways I can't believe I've been out for 10 months.  Only 14 more left for me.  I'm getting close to hump day.  

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