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William James Jones has been called to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints in the New York Rochester Mission from November 2012 to November 2014.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Baptismal date set for Jonas family

28 October 2013

Kodak Park is a great area and has a lot of potential especially with the ward.   This ward loves missionaries and everyday we always have meal appointments which Is a good thing although I'd rather have investigators ha ha.   But yea I'll strive my best to get this area up and rolling.   A good thing though is that last week the last day I was in Spencerport me and Elder Kelly set a baptismal date with Heather Jonas and she and her husband went to church last Sunday over in the Brockport Ward and loved it.  But anyways yea this week we got 2 less actives to come to church 1 of which hadn't come for a very long time and she brought all of her family too.   Also we found a pretty legit new investigator too that's the brother of this one less active that we go and see. This area has a ton of potential some of which I hope to be able to use pretty soon.

Kodak Park - Tons of potential for missionary work!


Leaving Spencerport

21 October 2013

I can't believe it but I'm getting transferred from Spencerport.  It felt like I just arrived here and I was really liking it here too.  I guess I'm needed elsewhere.   But yea I'm really feeling kind of down in leaving this place I really wasn't expecting it so please keep me in your prayers.  The new area I'm going to is actually  not very far away.  I'm going to Kodak Park which is in the Greece Ward so yea I'm just in the area to the right of Spencerport.  I've heard that it's a really great ward and that the members always feed the missionaries and such and yea I don't really know too much else.   But yea I really loved this area and was getting really close with some people and such but yea I'm on to a new area.  My new companion is Elder Angel.  But yea as for this week  we had a really great lesson with Noel and she said that she wanted to join and would come to church next Sunday.  Also the post baptisms went really well and all three of the kids got baptized.  I'll send photos next time I left my camera in the car lol.   But yea that's pretty much it this week.  It seems like I'm here to stay in the Rochester area for awhile I suppose.  I really hope I get to go serve in the countryside soon though. 

Pretty weird week!  

gold plates in backyard? manual lawnmower?

14 October 2013

Things went pretty well this week.   This next weekend this one guy that returned to activity back in April (His wife died 3 years ago and that's when he went inactive) is having his 3 kids get baptized so that's pretty awesome!   Umm but for this week on Monday through Wednesday I was with the delightful Elder Johnston on exchanges so that we could see this one guy that was a pageant referral.   Elder Kelly doesn't know the Bible that great and this guys loved to use the Bible to kind of bash us and so yea he didn't want to go see the guy so me and Elder Johnston went.   So we talked with him for three hours. For the first half an hour his dad is there and we have a nice conversation and then as he's about to leave he goes on an anti rampage for like 30 minutes.  He just keeps going and going and going and we say nothing the entire time.  And then he gets up and leaves.   Elder Johnston is super awesome but he's a really big goof ball that's the only way to describe him.  He plurts out hey he only missed one.   I ask him later what the one was and he said that the guy hadn't talked about polygamy LOL  But yea Elder Johnston is so hilarious I love it.  But when his dad leaves the son is like yea he just does that usually and won't let anyone have time to explain back but I'll listen.   So we explain some of the stuff to him and he seems pacified and he asks loads of questions on all kinds of things.  And then he brings up the really stupid things that I've heard people say like a million times and yea it was kind of predictable but at least he would except what we would say as an answer.  At least it seems like it.  And then we just told stories of crazy things happening in snow storms and talked about this one guy who claimed to find the Ark of the Covenant and about stuff from the Bible it was so nerdy.     But yea we're going back to see him Thursday.   But it is always a good thing to know your Bible when you talk to people like that.  We are thinking of taking more control of the situation next and deferring his questions to a later time.   That was fun but probably a waste of time.  It seems all of our pageant referrals are born again antis which is always a delight.   

But apart from that on Tuesday we taught this one lady we tracted into and she's super legit.  It's like she's read the Book of Mormon before or something.  I swear the things she talks and brings up are like exactly the same things that I've thought about before.   Its so cool so we will go back and see her tomorrow and bring a member along with us to see her and that hopefully will go well.  Oh and then to finish this week off we went and saw this crazy inactive guy.  He's so nuts its awesome.  He claims that the Gold Plates are buried in his backyard and that Joseph Smith came to him and told him they were there.  There's this big piece of Sandstone that he claims they are under and he wants us to help him dig it up.   He made a pretty logical statement though.   He said that his house was around when Joseph Smith was alive and that his house is next to the Erie Canal and Joseph Smith helped construct the Erie Canal so you never know maybe they are there!!!!!!!!   The guy said he tried digging it up and he found a leg bone in there so he buried it back again so yea I don't know what we will do with him.  He wants us to contact  Salt Lake for him and have them come with a crane to dig it up.   He wants to go to church though and all he needs is a ride but I'm not sure who will give him a ride to be honest.  But he's pretty cool.  I think that he's been isolated too long though.   But he likes us which is a good thing!  Also this past week we didn't get to go to the game because she couldn't even go to the game herself because she had to go babysit at her parents house because her parents were going to be gone on vacation so yea hopefully next week?   When we were helping this one less active old lady with her yard and she was scrapping some junk, I found a manual lawnmower.  I was like there's such thing as a manual lawn mower?  It was so cool  and it still worked really well especially at how rusty the thing was.   It wasn't even very hard to push just as hard as a regular lawn mower.  I don't know why people don't all use them. This week has been pretty weird to be honest.  Transfers are next week and so I may get moved although it will be more like that I'll stay.

Brockport Sisters and Elders

Sisters Butters and Morgan and Elders Barnes,
Johnston, Kelly, and Jones 
with Brother and Sister Ellis

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