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William James Jones has been called to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints in the New York Rochester Mission from November 2012 to November 2014.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Staying with Elder Angell in Greece

2 December 2013

Well transfers came in, and I'm here to stay another transfer with Elder Angell in Greece!  Except the only difference is that our car is being taken so we're on bikes and walking just in time for the worst of the winter!!!!!  I biked a couple of times in the snow in Freedom and it's pretty intense.  I don't think we'll be biking too much when it gets below freezing as it's just to dangerous and icy.   But it's going to be way harder now without a car to go see all the people we need to go and see especially if we're going to have to walk!  I kind of like biking though as it will keep the weight off and is really a good way for me to de-stress myself and get a good exercise in.  I just hope that my companion can handle it as he has back issues.  Thank goodness for the inhaler.  Cold air is the worst for my asthma but I'll survive I hope!  I hate biking in ice so we need prayers for sure!  

Anyways on that note this week went pretty well.  We were able to teach the three girls the restoration and the plan of salvation last Wednesday and Saturday which went pretty well.  We set a date for them on the 27th of December so not too far away.  Also this past week we went and finally taught our investigator who had been coming to church!  She is doing pretty well and the member family that was there teaching with us did a pretty good job.  We also got our recent convert guy Shawn who got of jail to come to church yesterday as well!  Our other recent converts failed to come but 2 of them were sick and the other I think was out of town for the holidays.  We will hopefully be able to keep meeting with them although we will need to figure something out with biking and what not.  Tomorrow will be pretty difficult as we scheduled 4 appointments back to back assuming we would be driving.  We will see how it all works out.  I had Thanksgiving at a family called the Argetsingers and that went pretty well.  They fed us pretty well although it was kind of interesting because brother Aregetsinger is a non- practicing gay (he's a stake high council man so he's married too) and he had some of his gay friends over for dinner.  Yea it was definitely pretty interesting.  It just shows that you can still be an active righteous person without having to act on feelings.   Anyways he's pretty cool.  He had directed the pageant back in the 90's and that was when the pageant was doing pretty well and had tens of thousands of non members attending.  Now it's not doing so well and most of the audience is just lds and so he's a little upset about pageant now.   We also made contact with a less active family called the Jorelomans and we will hopefully be watching the testaments movie with them tomorrow!  

I will be getting the car taken in two weeks!!!

Elder Angell

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