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William James Jones has been called to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints in the New York Rochester Mission from November 2012 to November 2014.

Monday, October 27, 2014

28 July 2014

This week went pretty good!  We had some pretty solid appointments with people and now have some more real investigators so we will keep it up.  We met with this one guy who was rather interesting.  He was almost kind of passive aggressive but wasn't hostile or anything if that makes any sense.  We talked about a few points of the plan of salvation and he asked some great questions but we could tell that he definitely had some preconceived motions that weren't right.  But yea we'll work with him!  We met with a recent convert who was baptized a few months before I got in the area She isn't doing too great in that she broke her ankle and she hasn't been able to make it out to church but we are working with her.  She should be coming to church this next Sunday.  We taught a lot of lessons to a variety of people so that's always good!  We also got to do a cottage meeting and us missionaries taught it.  It was centered on obedience and we went pretty in depth on the concept.  I shared the story of Nathan and Elisha which is a perfect example of obedience at it's finest!  We are still continuing our finding efforts as well so the work is slowly but surely coming a long.  We have most of the area up and organized and I pretty much know most of the people in it as well. Oh and yea we got our truck fixed up.  Apparently it was missing a ball bearing in the front of it so that's why it had a tough time turning.  They also replaced the front 2 tires on it and changed the oil and aligned the axels on it too.  So it works like a charm now. 

Ipads are going everywhere to all missionaries in western Europe and in the United States and Canada!  They really do come in handy and I've come to appreciate them a whole lot more!  That's really it for this week!  Time is going by and I'm really loving the summer here it's so nice and warm but not too hot or anything. 

This pretty awesome thing happened.  This lady who lives in our branch boundaries but goes to another ward because she's not pleased with someone that's actively going to this branch.  But she loves the missionaries and this past winter they shoveled her driveway and she was so happy that they did that that every now and then she'll drop and give us a ton of groceries like loads of stuff. So that happened on Saturday and it was pretty nuts. We got like a ten pound ham!  I was like what are we going to do with a ten pound ham?!?!?  We got like a ton of meat stuff and so we shoved it all in the freezer and have like no room in it now.  But yea people down here are awesome and random like that!

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