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William James Jones has been called to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints in the New York Rochester Mission from November 2012 to November 2014.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

13 October 2014

We are going up as a district to Niagra Falls.  This week was pretty awesome!   We had a bunch of people at church and an investigator we are working with will be baptized in December.  We were talking with her and we encouraged her to talk with her inactive brother who is serving in Afghanistan  to have him do it as it would hopefully give him some more incentive to get reactivated.  We also had 4 less actives show up at church who hadn't been for awhile.  We also found some promising investigators as well.  We did the corn harvest again at the church on Saturday as well and my hands are sore from picking all that corn.  Tuesday we are having a member of the Seventy  come talk to us.  He just spoke at general conference as well although I can't remember his name.   

I was nominated by Heather Jonas to share my favorite scripture.  Philippians 4:13 has helped me a lot especially when some things in life can seem overwhelming and impossible to Christ can help me to accomplish it.

            Group effort and unity - essential!

6 October 2014

General Conference was this past week and it was awesome!  I really like the  talks that were given.  Elder Holland's talk was pretty stirring and Elder Bednar's talk was awesome on explaining missionary work and I really enjoyed the priesthood session talks given by President Monson and Uchtdorf but I think my favorite was Elder Christofferson's on moral relativism as that seems to be a pretty big problem with people in the world today. All in all though they were all good and I can definitely testify of Elder Chi Hong Sam Wong's talk about unity in ward councils and as a church as whole.  It takes a group effort and unity to work with individuals and the wards and branches that do that are generally having a lot more converts and reactivations then the wards and branches that don't do this or where people work just on their own. 

Anyways as for this week we helped one of our investigators cut down some tree limbs that were scraping the top of his house.  We are making good  progress with some members too and gaining some referrals from them.  Hopefully they will work out!  This sweet recent convert native guy we took to go see a less active and she's been struggling with going longhouse or going Mormon and she's not sure which path to follow and he actually was longhouse before and so he was able to talk to her and relate to her about things and it was pretty interesting how the beliefs aligned up.  Apparently they believe in a creator that went across the sea and when he came back he said he was betrayed by friends and that he had piercings in his hands and feet.  They also believe in a guy named Handsome Lake who received revelations and was apparently the founder of the longhouse religion and invented a code that forbade alcohol and smoking.  Pretty interesting stuff If I do say so myself!   

This week has been pretty interesting.  Just keeping the work going!  And I've noticed I've done a pretty terrible job in constantly telling you all about specific people so when I get back don't worry I'll tell you all more about the specifics!  It would just take forever if I was to really explain every single person that I met with every week! But yea that's the big stuff!  

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