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William James Jones has been called to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints in the New York Rochester Mission from November 2012 to November 2014.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Getting lots of experience

working with new converts and less-actives

13 November 2013

Yesterday we had zone conference and so I was over in Batavia all day.   We raked some people's yards and saw a lot of recent converts and inactive members again.   

It snowed for the first time this year on Monday and I am not looking forward to having to endure another New York winter.  Hopefully we won't get quite as much snow as I had in Freedom.  Since we're pretty close to the lake at first it will take longer for the cold to come in but as the winter goes on we will have loads of lake effect snow.  This winter is also predicted to be a pretty bad one but I will survive it.   Hopefully I will learn how to drive in two wheel drive in the snow because last year we had a 4 wheel drive truck and even then it slid a little bit.  But in the city I guess it's a little bit different in that the roads are usually taken care of pretty well.  

As for people we are still visiting our recent converts Michael Neary, Jacob Norris and Rachel Ax.  They are pretty cool and Michael is doing pretty well.  He's going to get his Melchizedek Priesthood interview with the stake President this evening.  Jacob is 14.  He's a very interesting situation in that my MTC companion Elder Semadeni came across him when he was serving in Canandaigua and gave him as a referral to the Elders here in Kodak Park at the time.  He's pretty cool although very needy.  He always texts us 24/7 but it's all worth it.  He created a bit of drama yesterday in that he said that he wanted to join a different church but then he changed his mind so we will be seeing him this evening.  And then Rachel is a recent convert who was baptized in Arizona and then she came here and has had problems with staying active.  She is also not keeping certain commandments but we will work with her. Also we did a yard clean up for this less active lady as well.  It's kind of cool in this area in that I actually have recent converts to work with and actually less actives that could be realistically reactivated too. This ward does a really good job of home teaching and as such it has a pretty good activity rate.  So I kind of like having this experience now of working extensively with less actives and really since Freedom with recent converts too.   

Surprisingly I'm actually losing weight since I’ve been here although I would think that all the dinner appointments would have made me really fat. But I guess not lol. Sending congratz to Carter who finished his mission!

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