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William James Jones has been called to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints in the New York Rochester Mission from November 2012 to November 2014.

Monday, October 27, 2014

18 August 2014

A  lot of those appointments that were supposed to happen this week didn't seem to happen but we had a whole lot of other interesting things happen.  On Tuesday we had an interesting day.  We were out tracting and we came across this one guy who let us in and he wasn't interested but he was nice and we had a pretty good conversation on religion with him.  He was also a policeman and it's always good to have the police on good terms with you!   Let's see also on Tuesday this really big old storm came crashing in.  It was pretty nuts and rained pretty hard so we just sat tight in the car working on some more records until it passed us by.   On Wednesday we helped this older couple in the ward stack some wood and it took a good few hours we also made contact with a few people as well.  We also had this one lady who was no longer a member talk to us in Angola. She was nice but not all the way there but we will go and try seeing her.   The one thing I've noticed in this area is how many excommunicated people there are specifically on the reservation.  We have also been digging into some pretty shady past history in this branch too so we're being careful to not bring up to many past wounds.   This one lady we dropped by (The one that gives us free groceries) was telling us a lot about some of the crap that she and the branch has gone through.  We encouraged her to keep going to the Orchard Park Ward and testified of the atonement and gave her a blessing.  Also on Wednesday evening my companion Elder Bennet got sick and Elder Goates got sick as well so I went with Elder Neil and worked in the other Elders area.   On Saturday we also saw a referral that we got from headquarters and she is way awesome.  She's watched the Hill Cumorah pageant multiple times and knows it pretty well so we will start teaching her and helping her with some moving that she needs help with.  That's mostly it for this week! 

Elders Neil, Jones, Goates, Bennett with Brother Bueno-Cabrera

Excited to stay in the Cattaraugus Branch

11 August 2014

Transfer calls came and went and things stayed exactly the same for this transfer again in this district.  So weird to think I only have 12 weeks left.  As for this week they finally released a new fixed up version of the area book planner app on our Ipads so it runs a lot faster and better. We also met up with one of the recent converts in our area and we found out why she hasn't been coming to church for the last month and helped resolve some of her concerns she's been having and she went to church yesterday so that's always good.  We had a big meeting with members of the branch council yesterday evening and have begun efforts to clean up the directory too.  A lot of the good appointments we had this week kind of strangely moved to this upcoming week.  Yea people are kind of weird in their keeping of appointments but let’s keep our fingers crossed that they work out. 

Excited to stay in Cabbaraugus Branch with 
dinner with the Cabrera family

Elders Wyatt Bennett, David Neil, and Jon Goates!

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