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William James Jones has been called to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ ofLatter-day Saints in the New York Rochester Mission from November 2012 to November 2014.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

18 November 2013

This week has been pretty interesting to say the least.  I guess to start off with, there's a recent convert 14 year old called Jacob that we've been working with a lot who's been an emotional roller coaster this entire week.   It started actually last Monday when he said that he wanted to quit the church and then on Tuesday he said he was sorry and we went over and visited him and then that same Tuesday evening he started saying the same things again in that he doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon.  He also then proceeded to tell several members in the ward and other sets of missionaries the same kind of thing.  

I then went on exchanges to North Greece and while I was gone my companion told him to stop texting everyone the same things and Jacob got mad and told us to stop texting him and that he was going to go to this Faith Temple  church on Sunday.  Then on Sunday morning his home teacher came to pick him up for church and he still came and texted us that very morning that he was sorry.   So yea it's been pretty intense.  We're seeing him this evening.  I personally think it's because he needs attention and he's lived a pretty rough life.  He lives in the ghetto of Rochester and his dad was just randomly killed a couple of years ago so we're just going to do our best to support him.   

On Friday we went and saw this pretty cool less active recent convert called Rachel Ax and she came to church yesterday and set up an appointment with the bishop which is really awesome because she told us that she was going to run away from the bishop.   We are also still meeting with Michael another recent convert and he passed his Melchizedek Priesthood interview with the Stake President and will be getting it in a couple of weeks!   On Saturday we did some service for a less active couple and me and Elder Larsen dug a hole underneath his house that he wanted for food storage.  I still don't really understand why and it was underneath his foundation and I don't think that complies with building code and I was under that house digging out the hole for a few hours.  I'm glad it didn't cave in on me.   Ha ha the crazy things I've done in New York.  It seems since being here we have a major load of less active/recent convert work to keep doing so we'll keep it up.  And finally on Sunday my companion introduced me to the investigator that we have who's been coming to church like every Sunday since I've been here.  She's just been really too busy to meet with us but I'll finally get to go over and see her not this Wednesday but the next.   The investigator’s name is Katrina Bellis and she's been coming to church for the last few months but has told missionaries in the past that she's not ready for baptism quite yet. Also yesterday I fixed the computer of this really cool family that has us over every Sunday for lunch and also who washes our laundry.  It had loads of viruses and spam and other junk on it so I fixed it up and it's running a lot faster and smoother now.  I think I'm going to advertise my computer skills to the ward and that will be a good missionary opportunity.  And also we meet with this one really cool lady every week with the other Elders called Grandma Young.  She's had missionaries over forever and ever and she's less active only because of her health so we give her the sacrament every Sunday.  We also go over on Thursday evenings to talk to her.  She also has a less active greatgrandson that lives with her that plays video games all day everyday when we go over but he actually came out of his room this week and talked to us which is pretty cool.  We're going to try to figure a way out to reactivate him.  We have 3 referrals that we haven't been able to contact this week because they're never home when we try which is really annoying.  Also the weather in New York is really bi polar.  It was like 65 degrees yesterday which is unheard of at this time of the year. 

A thought to consider ............

"Dont' be like anybody else.  Be different.  Then you can make a contribution.  Otherwise, you just echo something; you're just a reflection."
                              - Hugh Nibley -

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